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MONDAY – FRIDAY, JUNE 18-22, 2018

5 day in-the-field course with JM Fortier & Curtis Stone 

La Ferme de Quatre-Temps, Hemmingford, QC, Canada

DISCLAIMER – This is an advanced course and not intended for beginners. 
Join Jean-Martin Fortier and Curtis Stone for this very rare opportunity at an incredible farm. La Ferme de Quatre-Temps (The Farm of Four Seasons) is an ambitious research farm located in Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada. Started by JM Fortier in 2014, this farm is at the forefront of innovation in market gardening. Pushing the boundaries of appropriate technology, land regeneration, bio-diversity and profit, this farm is demonstrating so many possibilities.

SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018 9am-3pm

Starting Your Urban Farm with Curtis Stone 

Just Food Farm, Ottawa, Canada

Just Food Presents: The Urban Farmer, Curtis Stone!

Curtis Stone is a successful small farmer who grows $100,000 of vegetable production on 5 urban lots totaling a quarter acre.

Come to this training to learn about Curtis’s systems and get started on your own Urban Farm.

At the full day training at Just Food Farm’s Big Red Barn you will learn about:

  • Curtis’s production system
  • The business of Urban Farming
  • Site selection & building your farm
  • Equipment and crop planning for small scale
  • And more!


1 day masterclass with Richard Perkins & Curtis Stone 

Elite Hotel Marina Tower, Stockholm, Sweden 

Join us for this seminar with Richard Perkins and special guest Curtis Stone on his first visit to Europe.  In the morning Richard will begin by showing you how we run one of the most productive diverse small farms in Europe.  Curtis will be sharing his impressive urban farm Green City Acres, as well as sharing insights from what he’s learned traveling and visiting some of the most successful market gardens in North America and abroad.  There will be space for Q & A at the end of each session…


4 day in-the-field course with Richard Perkins & Curtis Stone 

Ridgedale Permaculture, Värmlands län, Sweden 

Join us for this 4-day intensive with Richard Perkins and special guest Curtis Stone on his first visit to Europe.  We’ll begin by delving deep into the design, installation and management of small-scale regenerative agricultures.  Over the first 2 days Richard will lead you through our approach to whole farm planning, sharing his extensive experience from over 100 property developments in various climate zones whilst showing you how we run one of the most productive and profitable diverse farms in Europe…