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I am very excited to announce that we are finally opening up our farm to interns. We will be hosting three interns throughout the main growing season. The first will be May 15-June 23, the second June 26-Aug 4 and the third August 7-September 15. We welcome applicants from anywhere and all people are welcome. However, we will be choosing people based on criteria we deem to be an asset to our farm. You as the intern will not be paid and will be responsible for your own accommodation while staying here in Kelowna. There are a lot of options for places to stay in Kelowna from camping to AirBnb to hotels and seasonal rentals. I have compiled a list of suitable places that are with people I know and are conveniently located. We want to make sure that you are comfortable while you’re here so that you can focus on work and learn as much as you can.
In order to get a balanced and informative farm experience, you will sometimes do tasks that seem repetitive. The reason the program is six weeks is because in order to fully understand everything we do on the farm, you have to do each task enough so that you can do it near perfectly. Fortunately, our farm is very small and tasks are much more limited and focused than most farms, so there’s more time to see and do a bit of everything. We rarely do one task for very long, but there are tasks such as post-harvest jobs, that are repetitive and we usually spend the most of Tuesday’s and all of Friday’s to complete.
Application process:
    We will be accepting applications January 23-29, no earlier or later. Fill out the Google form between then. Check back here for the link during that time. There is no priority given to anyone who personally emails us or contacts us through social media. Fill out your application as thoroughly as you can, then we will contact you for a follow up interview.
    We are only taking three interns, and one at a time this year, so if you don’t make it this year, try again next.
The top 15 candidates will be chosen by March 1, and contacted for an interview within the next week. Interviews will be conducted through Skype March 6-10. You will be able to chose a convenient time for an interview during that week.
  1. No couples. We can only take one intern at a time. However, if you are wanting to come to Kelowna with your spouse or family, that is entirely up to you, but we can only have the intern that was interviewed working on the farm.
  2. You must be physically fit to intern with us. If you have a hard time bending over, kneeling or lifting heavy weight from time to time, we cannot take you.
  3. We are looking for hardworking and responsible people. If you are the kind of person that always has someone to blame for something, you will not fit in here.
  4. The first 5 days of the internship is a trial period, if you are not a fit for that time, you will be asked to leave. However, we reserve the right to terminate the internship at any time.
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