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  1. Marius
    Marius says:

    How do I subscribe and set up from scratch. I love your videos n farming methods. Please help to get your books,growing material, budget costs, business plan for investors n anything else available to begin .I have access to land plots, staff support,garden equipment and enclosed shed n work buildings as well as (sea containers). I’m a keen gardener born over the years by trial n error growing for myself n family but I’m 50 yrs age n keen to retire with a passive income n pension. Please help me.

  2. Galen Palmer
    Galen Palmer says:

    Hi Curtis thank you so much for showing us what you do and how you do. It is a true gift! Very inspiring. I’m sharecropping have a 3 acre farm in Santa Rosa California and getting lots of ideas how we can improve our operation from your videos and your book.


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