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SATURDAY & SUNDAY, Nov 10-11, 2018

2-day masterclass with Curtis Stone 

Eastend Market, Orlando, Florida

Join The Urban Farmer Curtis Stone, best selling author, and YouTuber as he demonstrates how it is possible to generate a significant income on small plots of land. Curtis’ farm, Green City Acres has been in business for nine years and has achieved gross profits exceeding $100,000 from just a quarter acre of land.

MONDAY-FRIDAY, Feb 25-Mar 1, 2018

5-day in-the-field course with Curtis Stone & Erich Shultz

Steadfast Farm, Mesa, AZ

Join Curtis Stone (author of The Urban Farmer) for his most intensive and thorough workshop to date. This five-day course is the cumulative content of all of his best techniques used at his farm Green City Acres, but also what he’s learned from traveling and visiting some of the most successful market gardens in North America and abroad. BUY TICKETS HERE.