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  1. Rishipal says:

    first one was on 1 min 04 sec
    second one on 1min 10 sec

    i will pay the postal charges ,thnx for describing it so well

  2. Mike Langtry says:

    Hey there. I’ve been an ‘urban’ farmer (ne: gardener) since my grandmother and mother taught me about it 45 years ago.
    I’ve always had a garden and have always loathed lawns. Many years ago I started the “community gardens” here in downtown Winnipeg convincing the city to give us un/dis-used lots so that locals could grown some of their own food, and most importantly, educate the kids as to where food comes from and what it really looks like. Most of the lots are still in production, 25 years later, woo hoo.

    For the last ten or so years I’ve been growing my veggies in my front yard (back yard was nasty when I bought the place so I’ve never wanted to grow veggies in it). I do this in an effort to show my neighbours how easy it is and possibly encourage then to follow suit.

    At any rate, I just wanted to drop a note and say Great Job! on being so good at presenting this much overlooked avenue for food security and ‘green’ business, as you are very well spoken, concise (thank a teacher) and photogenic,

    As I near retirement, I have decided that I want to take my penchant for gardening and expand it to something that will keep me busy and make a few bucks, I have watched a couple of your videos and have gained new insights to how I might go about that.

    Thanks for doing what you do!


    PS: Gnome spotted at 6:27… I think it snuck in while you had your back turned.. in winterpeg we have a similar problem …



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