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I’m so excited to finally visit New Zealand, but what’s even better is that I’ll be there with my good friend JM Fortier. We’ll be teaching workshops together and offering our own.

For all the exact dates, go to the events page here.

To book your place, please go here.

Dunedin  •  Feb 4th

Christchurch Public Talk  •  Feb 5th

Christchurch 2 day Workshop  •  Feb 6th & 7th

Nelson Public Talk  •  Feb 8th

Nelson 1 day Workshop •  Feb 9th

Taranaki Public Talk  •  Feb 12th

Taranaki 2 day Workshop •  Feb 13th & 14th

Thames 2 day workshop  •  Feb 20th & 21st

Matakana  •  Feb 22nd

JM Fortier and I will be tag teaming Melbourne and Sydney and both of us will be teaching a one day workshop each. You’ll have the opportunity to take a one day with with of us in both cities.

For exact dates and information go to the events page here.

Check out Milkwood Permaculture to register.

Melbourne – Feb 27

Sydney – Feb 28

I’m back with the Ask The Urban Farmer series. From Jan 8, I’ll publish a video every 2nd week answering questions.