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Hey folks, thanks for checking out my website. Like you, I’ve been a huge fan of John’s work for many years, so I’d like to extend an offer to you for that reason.

If you buy my book here, I will give you my Digital Tools Package for Free! A $15 dollar value.

US orders go here.

US fans coupon code. growinggreens2016us

Canadian orders go here.

Canadian fans coupon code. growinggreens2016can

I have a YouTube channel as well, check it out and subscribe for updates. I post at least one video per week.

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  1. Jason says:

    It says the coupon usage limit is reached? I just got the YouTube notification, watched the video and tried to buy. The video didn’t say anything about first 100?!?

  2. Kathleen says:

    Hey Curtis, I live in US and I tried buying your book with the coupon code but it says the limit has been reach. Hopefully you can look at this issue again. Thanks

    • Curtis Stone says:

      Then buy it there. Amazon has a huge monopoly on the book industry. Authors barely make a dime from Amazon. It’s fine by me if you by it there. I’m just happy the information is getting out there. By buying it from my website, you support my work.

  3. Kimo says:

    Hey Curtis, I just purchased your book and used the gorwinggreens16us code and it deducted the entire price of $44.99 off leaving nothing but $15 shipping. Is that right? I thought it was just the digital thing that was free?


    • Curtis Stone says:

      Thank you for the heads up and being honest. There was a glitch on the site. I think I’ve figured it out. I went ahead and refunded everyone that this happened too. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Walt Kiser says:

    I have tried repeatedly to download the zip file for the complete package purchased. It state the zip file is invalis or corrupt and unable to download the urban farmer tools. P_lease help or resend to e mail.

    • Curtis Stone says:

      You were refunded for the mistake in the order. If you order it again, it should work fine. I just tried it and it worked fine. Thanks again and sorry for the mix up.

  5. Kosotie says:

    What happened to the rest of the world, (outside us and Canada) shouldn’t we also learn this stuff? How do we order with a discount and support you? (Europe for ex…)

    • Curtis Stone says:

      I wish I had the infrastructure to send to Europe, but unfortunately, I don’t. The shipping I’m doing in Canada and the US is very small and ‘do it yourself’ at this moment. The book available on Amazon in Europe. Thank you for supporting my work..

      • tom burns says:

        thank you i believe anyone could get it but i know that you deserve revenue <3 thank you. i will pay for a book hopefully we can work together and forget profit and then everyone wanting to help will be well off if we grow like this! thank you so much. free food for life/ with honest care ofc. wholeness and balance vibrations to you

  6. Robert says:

    Curtis, bought the book and the digital package.
    In the email sent to me, the zip file was only 181KB big and 7zip claims file is corrupt and would not unzip it.
    Needs some help.

    • Curtis Stone says:

      Please email me through the website if you have any problems. I can send you an alternative link. The file works fine, but some people have had problems getting the download because it’s 2gb’s large. I have an alternate file that allows you to download it piece by piece. Sorry for the trouble. Please message me on my website and we’ll sort it out ASAP.

  7. mark harvey says:

    hey curtis! i’m living in switzerland and have some sorely needed projects in ghana, senegal and sardinia. can i get a discount on your ebook version here? btw you should come over here once and do an european tour, can put you up. en paz mark

    • Curtis Stone says:

      Hey Mark, I don’t actually have the authority to sell the ebook version. My publisher does. I’d love to help, but don’t have the ability to do so. I’d love to make it up to Switzerland at some point. Please stay in touch if you or anyone you know can organize it.

      • Steven says:

        Well then tell your publisher to assess the European market for sales potential. If they aren’t cooperative then buy back the rights and move forward without them

        • Curtis Stone says:

          You can buy it in Europe Steven, just not through my website. The book is already all over Europe. I’ve been seeing people from Croatia to Germany, to the UK send me pictures of them holding it. Just get it through whatever the mainstream book dealer you have. I just can’t send it there myself.

  8. David says:

    I clicked on the link sent to my email and downloaded but it doesn’t open. the size i recieved was only 238kb so i know somethings wrong. Please advise

    Thanks for your anticipated reply,

    • Curtis Stone says:

      Hey David, just message me through the website and we’ll sort it out immediately. Thanks. Sorry about the trouble.

  9. Preetam says:

    Hi Curtis, I just watched the vid on youtube and feeling even more inspired.
    I would like to buy the book from your site but it seems like you only ship US and Canada. Would you ship to Spain as well, please.
    Also if you could send me the reply by email that will be most amazing.

  10. Aaron says:

    Hey Curtis, why don’t you make a Digital Copy of the book available (with or without personal use printing rights) and then add some stuff to it…like access to certain amount of your courses or a limited time so you can charge the same price as the physical copy? That way it’s worth it for you to offer a Digital version, those outside Canada and US have access to it, and your fans can support you directly without having to buy it from Amazon or elsewhere just to get the information?

    • Curtis Stone says:

      I don’t have the rights to sell the digital version. I appreciate that, but I have other products coming available.

  11. Lee says:

    Hi Curtis. First of all, congratulations on your success with this farming method. I am happy to see that SUCH success is achievable in a climate similar to mine as I live in the northeastern US in New Hampshire which borders Canada. Although, I will be doing the same exact concept as you … only indoors … and hydroponically. It’s nice, you can grow year round, pay comparably similar prices for “renting office space” so to speak and the only extra expense would be the grow lights which would be LED lights which uses a WHOLE LET LESS electricity than traditional lighting. The trade off might be that you don’t use NEARLY as much water and it is not as labor intensive. Anyway…

    So I want to buy your book but I have a question that I am not sure you touch on in the book and that’s about the “How to’s” of customer acquisition. I can see that being the hardest part for most people that are starting out. I live in a city where the population is only about 31k (Thousand) people. Do you touch on this VERY IMPORTANT part of the equation of running a successful farming business in your book? If you don’t, do you know of a source I can go to, if not a direct reply from you in here with some answers/ideas on the subject, where I might be able to go to get those answers addressed?

    Thank you so much for your time and effort in putting all of this together for us. I really appreciate this.

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  13. Nadine says:

    Hi Curtis! I enthusiastically bought your book with the package today. I tried to download the “Download 1” (the zip) many times but it always failed, the “Download 2” is a file with a weird name and I don’t know with what program to open it, and the dropbox link doesn’t work either :(( Is there a way you could fix it?

    Thanks for your great work! It’s very inspiring! 🙂
    Can’t wait to receive your book and tools!

  14. Philippe Giboulot says:

    Excellent video. In your calculations, to make it simple, you say that a flat has a 10 dollar value. Is that all ? I was thinking about the double, so 20 dollars. Obviously depending on the local market price. But providing fresh food in early spring and winter should be worth something ?

  15. 97Karina says:

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